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Business Software Solutions Inc., a Utah based corporation has been in business for over 20 years. BSS has written a full featured business accounting package, Business Plus Accounting, which has been available in Utah since 1991. Business Plus Accounting is a strong business system with a large compliment of accounting features. Business tools include mail merge, data export, custom report writing, bar code printing, equipment tracking, return merchandise processing, client contacting, financial calculations, label printing, order processing, inventory management, remote inventory tracking, payroll, sales person commissions, cash drawer support, customer quotes, back order support, auto product reorders and many other features. Business Plus Accounting was written to meet the business needs of a wide range of businesses.

Business Plus Accounting was reviewed by The Center For Small Business Accounting Baltimore Maryland, And I quote "BPA is a very well designed, comprehensive and easy to use program. Its functional capabilities are impressive" Andrew Schiff CPA PHD.

Business Plus Accounting was used for 3 years in the nation wide accounting school "Universal Accounting Centers" until they changed the courses they offered.

Business Plus Accounting was reviewed by Computer Credible Magazine 1999 as "by far the easiest system to install and use of any they had ever reviewed".

Another advantage to using BPA is that Business Software Solutions Inc. will make custom changes to the software for your specific business needs. With over twelve thousand business system installations they have made thousands of custom changes for their clients. Their current Engineering rate is $100.00 per hour, a very reasonable rate in today's market. Most off the shelf product companies charge rates that exceed $120.00 per hour.

In addition to their standard product Business Plus Accounting, they have developed over 20 additional business products that use Business Plus Accounting as the back bone. Some of these products are: BPA Restaurant Professional, BPA Restaurant Delivery Professional, BPA CD Store Software, BPA Music Store Software, BPA Route Delivery Software Light, BPA Route Delivery Software Heavy,Convenience Store Touch Software, BPA Factoring Software, BPA Light Manufacturing Software, BPA Retail Touch Software, BPA Hospital Staffing Software, BPA Golf Course Pro, BPA Auto Fast Lube Software, BPA Auto Parts Software, BPA Consignment Software, BPA Remote Order Taking Software, BPA Dry Goods Software, BPA Retail Shoes, BPA Manufacture Rep, BPA Rental Software, BPA Shutter Manufacturing, BPA Structual Material Testing and BPA Laundry Services Software. These packages are completely integrated with Business Plus Accounting.

BSS Inc. also installs and supports networks (Windows 98, Windows XP, Novell, Windows 2000 etc.), designs Web pages, and sells retail and restaurant Point of Sale systems.

At the Technology 2000 computer show, they released their Internet Store Front Server for BPA module. This system is fully integrated with BPA and allows you to host your own web site at your location. It allows your customers to do real-time queries against inventory and product lists. In conjunction with the Store Front software they also released their Internet Order Processing Module, which turns orders placed on the Web into invoices in BPA in real time.

In summary, Business Software Solutions offers professional business solutions for a wide variety of businesses at a fraction of the cost they would pay for comparable services from other business software vendors.


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