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Improve your Business with Gift Cards!

Gift Cards generate billions of dollars of sales every year. Gift Card functionality is built into our Business Plus Accounting Restaurant and Touch POS products. You can sell, redeem, and re-use gift cards all from the Point of Sale screen in your software!

Use Gift Cards for Sales and Marketing

Gift Cards are a great tool to increase your sales and bring new customers into your establishment. Selling a Gift Card to a customer is like selling him two meals instead of one; it guarantees a return visit. Gift Cards let your customers do your advertising and gives them a convenient way to bring new people to your business.

Gift Cards are Inexpensive

Our gift cards are very affordable because they are re-usable. Once a customer has used a gift card, you can re-issue it with a new balance. Additionally, since the gift cards are processed directly through BPA and not through a 3rd party company, you pay no swipe or transaction fees on your gift card purchases. Gift cards must be purchased from Business Software Solutions in order to work with the BPA and Gift Card Software.

Customize Your Design

Your gift cards should reflect the personality of your business. For a one-time setup fee of $50 we will use your logo or custom designed card. We can also create custom designs.

Gift Card Pricing

Quantity Pricing
50-99 $1.95/ea
100-249 $1.75/ea
250-499 $1.55/ea
500+ $1.45/ea

New:  Giftcard holders avialable

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Gift Card Software

This is the latest version of "Gift Card Professional" from Business Software Solutions Inc.. This software will work for any business that wants to sell gift cards to their customers. This is the multiple stations version meaning you can have 2 or more computers running this software on a network at the same time at no additional charge.
With this Gift Card Software you can sell gift cards, redeem gift cards and check gift cards for remaining balance and history of use. You can also print gift card reports. Sensitive areas are password protected. Cards are encrypted and have additional formulated security. The gift card software also comes with a well written users guide.

You also receive Software Support from our professional staff of support engineers. Our company is a business software engineering company. We have over 20 business products, with more than twelve thousand business installations, and have been providing business software systems for over 20 years.

Gift cards can be customized with your graphic logo printed on them or they can be created on plain colored or plain white cards. Our company will create your cards for you with all of the magnetic numbers and encryption. Plain colored cards cost $1.85 each. Plain white cards cost $1.75 each. Cards with your logo printed on them cost $1.95 each and require a $50.00 setup fee. Gift cards must be purchased from Business Software Solutions in order to work with the Gift Card Software.

General Usage

Many businesses want to sell and redeem gift cards. Gift cards bring new customers and repeat business. Many times gift cards are not redeemed, which can bring added profit to your business. If your current business software does not support gift cards, you can use this software to sell, redeem and track gift cards. When a customer uses a gift card to pay for an item all you have to do is scan the card and enter the amount used on the card. The data files will track what is remaining and keep historical data for history reports.

Gift Cards

This software supports the purchase and redemption of gift cards. The gift cards are printed and encoded by our company in a format that is compatible to the software. If you want your logo on your gift cards you will need to send us a gif file of your logo. There is a small setup charge for card printing (i.e. logos) and then a per card price for producing the cards. Call Business Software Solutions for current pricing.

How Do I Sell Gift Cards

When a gift card is sold, the card number is encrypted and saved in a data file. The card must be redeemed at the location where it was created unless you purchase the necessary software for multiple store processing. To sell a gift card to a customer you select the “Purchase Gift Card” button on the main gift card menu. A purchase gift card screen will pop up. While on that screen you will scan the gift card and then press the gift card number button. You will then enter the amount for the gift card and press the gift card amount button. Then press save and the gift card data will be saved. The gift card number in the data file will be encrypted so that unauthorized users can not get this information.

How Do I Redeem Gift Cards

If the customer is paying using a gift card, you simply select the “Redeem Gift Card” button on the main menu. On the screen that pops up you will scan the gift card and press the Gift Card Number” button. Then you will enter the amount to redeem and press the “OK” button. The software will then update the history for the gift card and the amount remaining on the gift card.

How Do I Check Gift Cards

To check the amount remaining on a gift card select the “Check Gift Cards” button. Scan the gift card. The screen will display the amount remaining on the gift card and purchase history for the gift card.

Master Password

The Master Password is needed when you enter restricted modules. At setup the master password is blank. As long as you leave the Master Password blank the Master Password is disabled. It is recommended that for security you enter a master password.

Employee Passwords

Employees define their own passwords by making this selection. When an employee enters a protected module he or she must enter their password before entrance is allowed into the protected module.

Enable Passwords

If you want your employees to enter their passwords before customers purchase or redeem passwords, you have to enable passwords. You do this by selecting the system tools option and then selecting the option to enable passwords.

Define Employees

When defining employees you will need to enter the employee’s identification number, and the employees name. The other fields of information can be used to track additional information about your employees but are not necessary.

Clear Gift Cards

If you want to practice running gift cards and then clear out the test data this is the function you use to clear the old data. If you have entered a master password, you will be asked for that password before you are allowed to execute this function. To execute this function select the system tools option at the top of the screen and select the option “Init / Clear Gift cards”.

Order Today!

Contact us today to order your own custom gift cards!

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Please call: (801) 336-3303

Special Offer: $24.95!
Special Offer: $24.95!

Add an attractive look to your gift cards

Choose from several different options of gift card holders to add an attractive look to your custom gift cards.  These card holders provide a safe, stylish way for your customers to give your gift cards to their business associates, friends and loved ones.

Gift Card Inserts

  1. GCI-01GCI-01
  2. GCI-04GCI-04
    Temp Out of Stock
  3. GCI-05GCI-05
  4. GCI-07GCI-07
  5. GCI-08GCI-08
  6. GCI-10GCI-10
    QTY Limited
  7. GCI-11GCI-11
  8. GCI-12GCI-12
  9. GCI-14GCI-14
    QTY Limited
  10. GCI-16GCI-16
  11. GCI-17GCI-17
  12. GCI-18GCI-18
  13. GCI-19GCI-19
  14. GCI-20GCI-20
  15. GCI-21GCI-21
  16. GCI-22GCI-22
  17. GCI-23GCI-23
  18. GCI-24GCI-24
  19. GCI-25GCI-25
  20. GCI-32GCI-32

Gift Card Inserts:

QTY: 50 = $15.00

QTY: 100 = $30.00

QTY: 500 = $150.00

Our Newest Designs:

  1. GCI-26GCI-26
  2. GCI-27GCI-27
  3. GCI-28GCI-28
  4. GCI-29GCI-29
  5. GCI-30GCI-30
  6. GCI-31GCI-31

Gift Card Sleeves

  1. GCS-01GCS-01
  2. GCS-02GCS-02
  3. GCS-03GCS-03

Gift Card Sleeves:

QTY: 50 = $5.00

QTY: 100 = $10.00

QTY: 500 = $50.00

Gift Card Displays

  1. GCD-01A1
  2. GCD-02A2
  3. GCD-03A3

Gift Card Displays:

A1 = $15.00

A2 = $15.00

A3 = $20.00

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