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Thread: Question on Laser Labels

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    Question Question on Laser Labels

    Thanks for your quick reply to my last question.

    I want to print the book on labels, what would a compatible Avery label be for this purpose?

    Additionaly, for product labels would I use the same label type?

    Thanks again,


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    The print barcode book function was just designed to print to white paper so that you could create a barcode book to scan out of, it wasn't designed to print barcode labels.

    If you want to print barcode labels then you will have to get a Cognitive Solutions Barcode Blaster or Blaster Advantage barcode printer in order to print barcode labels. Then you can use the Print Product Id functions which lets you specify a single or a range of product ids you can print or you can use the Print Inventory Labels function which prints a label for each item you have in inventory.

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