This time of the year our tech support gets a large amount of calls from people that are not able to post Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, or General Ledger Journal Entries instead they are receiving the message "Invalid Posting Year". The BPA software allows you to post 1 year beyond your current accounting year before it requires you to start closing out accounting periods. For example, if your accounting period was started on 01/01/2010 then BPA will allow you to continue to post without closing out a full accounting year until you reach 12/31/2011 after which you will need to close out the entire year of 2010 and move the accounting year to 2011 before being allowed to post anything into 2012. If you have not yet started to use the accounting or general ledger functions of the BPA software then the accounting periods can be overlooked and the current accounting period can remain unchanged.

If you try to post and see the "INVALID POSTING YEAR" message then you probably need to move your accounting period into the next year.

This is easily corrected by following these simple steps.

1) Go to Business System>General Ledger.
2) Select Change G/L Accounting Period.
3) Move the accounting period forward one month at a time until you have closed out the current accounting year.

For example, if the current accounting period is set to 12/2010 then you need to increment the month and year to 01/2011 and hit enter. Enter “Y” to continue and hit enter again. Repeat these steps until you have reached the accounting period and year that you want to use.


It is important to remember that once you move your accounting period forward to the current year that you can no longer post to past years. If you are using Accounts Payable and still have payments that need to be posted to last year be sure to do so before you move all the way into 2012. Moving the accounting period forward also affects one report that many of our customers use – the Product Activity Report. This report shows product quantities sold for each month throughout the year. When the accounting period is moved forward it updates this report to show quantities for the current year.