Hi I just recieved my 2 station system and I'm having some trouble with putting the systems together. No where have I found a diagram or description of what wires to use etc. I know there are several Serial cables but the computer provided only has 2 serial ports. I understand that not all of them are necessary just need to figure out which ones. On my Metrologic scanner I assume I just need to run the Full Speed USB port. I had it plugged in and when I go to add a product and scan the UPC to input it I get nothing. I also try to scan the UPC in the POS menu and nothing shows up. Also I assume I have the printer plugged in correctly with the printer cable plugged into the serial port and from the printer to the cash drawer. I saw the label on the cable and it is attached correctly. When I hit the open cash drawer button on the POS menu nothing happens I don't hear any clicks to show that it is trying to open at all. If someone could help me with this I would appreciate it.