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    Computer Migrations

    Need some help in using the best solution for some computer upgrades. Here is the setup. We have 1 computer as the main computer (#1) and a second (#2) as the networked second computer. We want to make #2 the new number 1 and a new computer, #3 as the new number two. I know to setup #3 we just do the normal network setup wen #2 is set up as the new #1. What would be the best way to migrate computer #1 onto #2? Thanks!

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    Can anyone help on this?

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    Still looking for an answer....

    Still looking for an answer....

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    Ok here is what you need to do.

    1. Rename the BPA folder on #2 to be BPA.client.
    2. Copy the entire BPA from from #1's C: drive to #2's C:.
    3. Copy the BPA folder on #1's C: drive to another folder as a backup.
    4. On #1 go into windows add remove programs and uninstall the BPA software.
    5. On #1 Delete the BPA Folder on the C: drive.
    6. On #2 Go to My Computer and write down the drive letter used to map to #1's shared drive and then disconnect the mapped network drive by right clicking on the drive and choosing disconnect.
    7. On #2 Share the C: drive with read/write permissions.
    8. On #1 and #3 Map a network drive to #2's shared drive using the same drive letter that you wrote down previously.
    9. On #1 and #3 copy the BPA.client folder from #2's shared drive onto #1 and #3's local C: drive.
    10. Create a shortcut on each system that points to the c:\bpa\bpa.exe file and you should be up and running.

    Note that if you had and printers defined you may have to reassign them in Misc Definitions under the printer tab.

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