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    Question Multiple PC's

    I have two computers set up for our POS, we would like to run them both during the busy hours....can anyone tell me how and if its possible. I thought I read somewhere we can use the software on as many PC's as we want....we do have a main or "server" so to speak, and our network is in place, just need to know how to draw the information and make them talk.


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    You must have the software installed on only 1 computer. That computer will be your server.

    From your other computer, you must map a network drive to the servers Local Disk C: drive. Once the drive is mapped, you load up the network drive and inside of the bpa folder there is a file called netsetup.exe. Run that file and click on 'install bpa on this workstation'.

    After the installation, you should see a shortcut appear in your start menu under programs.
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