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Thread: printer off line?

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    di angelo Guest

    printer off line?

    i'm using a star300 printer, any ideea why for every order the printer turns offline, and i have to manually set it online?
    it's really bothering,

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    This could be very hard to troubleshoot over a forum. This you can try:

    1) Make sure the printer is running in epson emulation mode. (esc/pos)

    2) Make sure you are running the generic text only printer driver.

    3) Verify the printer cut-off strings and the cash drawer open strings to make sure you aren't sending out the wrong characters (business system>definitions>printer & forms setup).

    If you can verify all of these and are having the same issue. Call Star to troubleshoot further.
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    pauloregon Guest
    You may be sending a Deselect code in ASCII to the printer without knowing it. If your printer DIP switches are not set correctly, this may put the printer offline. It looks like you can set the DIP switches to ignore Deselect commands. The Star Micronics website manuals page doesn't include the DIP switch settings for this printer, so I can't tell for sure if this would work.

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    di angelo Guest

    Smile thank you

    thank you for all your support,
    seems that wasn't in text mode,
    now ut's ok,
    thanks again

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