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Thread: Gratuity/Tips Report for Accountant

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    Gratuity/Tips Report for Accountant

    Hello Guys,
    I have a question. How are tips generally reported with this system?

    Basically here is my situation: I have had the POS system in place and functioning for a while, my accountant showed up yesterday and wanted a breakdown of the tips the servers had been paid.

    This shouldnt be too much of a problem for the credit card side of the business, as everything is recorded and it is easily viewed in the individual servers "Daily Sales and Tips Report" however one question I have is if this data is also available in other reports from the Manager Function>Restaurant Reports menu? In a summarized manner to print on 8x11 paper, not the receipt paper?

    Ok so back to my original question the cash gratuity is where things get complicated, the accountant wants an exact number for the servers daily cash tips, this however is impossible 1. the server pockets the cash tip when clearing the table after the guest pays and leaves 2.the table is closed and change given to the guest, after which the guest proceeds to leave a tip, thereby making the gratuity field in the table close area inaccesible, unless you reopen a closed table which the servers say is too much work.

    Instead the servers say in other POS systems they were able to input a number at the end of the night which they claim is their cash tip total for the night.

    The accountant did however say that it might be possible instead of using an exact cash amount to approximate and take 10% of the sales. Im sure he mean 10% of the cash and not credit card sales since the credit card sales have the tip amount recorded. My question is then two parts: I thought in my initial exploring of the software I saw a 10% calculation somewhere, and secondly if I imagined this scenario, how can I possibly obtain this data? Is it possible for me to go through the business side and create a custom report that will output total sales per server for each day and possibly calaculate 10% of that. At this point Im assuming its impossible to differentiate betweeen cash sales and cc sales when fiuring this 10 for total sales.

    Well, Im not sure how clear or confusing this has been, but I hope someone at BPA might be able to follow my logic stream and offer a possible solution.

    I really appreciate all the help you guys provide and hopefully this forum method faciliatates communicating with you guys and puts the info out there for others to see.

    btw: I think this guy had a similar type of question, maybe not, but he mentions "a manager needs to do the cash tip adjustments"


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    Manager Functions > Misc Definitions > POS/Gratuity Tab > 'Allow Servers to Enter Tips when He/She Clocks Out = Yes'

    This will allow (at clock out) the server to enter a specific amount or calculate a percentage based on cash sales.

    You can then view this information when you print the clock report under employee clock in / clock out.

    If you don't see the tips printing on this report, call Business Software Solutions for an update. I think this was added to the report in July, 2006.
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
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    chophousegillet Guest
    Does this software assume that if the tip amount is added onto a guest check, that the server has received the tip? Therefore, when our accountant sees a daily report with 100.00 tips in, that 100.00 is therefore paid out?

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