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Thread: Installation Problems

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    kashkaval Guest

    Installation Problems

    I just purchased the software but can not get it to work.

    It installed fine.

    When I start it up I get this message first:
    "Warning: You will need a new software key in -134 days....". I'm not sure why the number is negative.

    When I hit "Yes" or "No" in this dialog window, I get this exception:

    Fatal error: Exception code=C0000094 @ 10/04/2006 08:00:30 PM. Error log file: C:\BPA\VFP8Rerr.log
    Called from - getkey line 1679 {C:\BPA\bpa.prg c:\bpa\bpa.exe}
    Called from - register line 1592 {C:\BPA\bpa.prg c:\bpa\bpa.exe}
    Called from - bpa line 961 {C:\BPA\bpa.prg c:\bpa\bpa.exe}

    Originally when I installed BPA yesterday, the BPA demo was installed.

    Since then, I did the following:
    - uninstalled BPA Demo
    - uninstalled BPA
    - deleted registry keys that referenced BPA and foxpro (not sure why these were still there after software was uninstalled)
    - deleted c:\bpa

    I then reinstalled BPA from scratch and am getting the errors above.

    Thanks for your help!

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    kashkaval Guest
    I rebooted and am not getting the second error anymore. I am still getting the negative amount for days until a key is required.


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    When I experience fatal errors with bpa it seems to be that specific computer. You need to go over to and make sure you install all updates from microsoft. This usually fixes the issue.

    As far as the key goes, this happens when you change the date on the computer or if you change the company name. This key is set to fire once every 4 months. It will then give you instruction to call the office and obtain the key.
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