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Thread: Kitchen Printer Connection

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    Inventors Guest

    Question Kitchen Printer Connection

    Good Day...

    I am checking to see if someone might be able to help me.

    I currently have the system set up at home and have the menu input for our restaurant. I am now in the process of testing the printers, and cannot get the "kitchen" printer to print.

    The main receipt printer is operating correctly also with the cash drawer. In the Misc Def's I have assigned the reciept printer as Reicept and the Cooks printer #1 as Kitchen, yet nothing is happening when I send the order to the cook.

    Thanks Much for your help!

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    pauloregon Guest
    Did you verify the printer is recognized by Windows first? Are you able to send a test page to the printer?

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    Inventors Guest
    I tried printing a test page and nothing, after looking into this further on the printer there is a slot for a large cable, I found the cable, but I cannot find a place to plug in the female end on the tower...the printer I am trying to get to work is an Epson, model M188B, not sure if this matters, but it is a different model than the one we have set up for the receipt printer.


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    pauloregon Guest
    I don't have information on the Epson M188B printer here, but by the way you describe it, it must have a Parallel data interface instead of a Serial (RS232) data interface.

    One of my clients added an older Epson printer to their bar system and it was a parallel interface, so your situation sounds similar.

    If this is the case, the cable for this printer will have different connectors at each end. One end is a 25-pin female connector that looks very similar to a serial cable. The other end has a number of copper contacts hidden just inside the connector with a large "ridge" running lengthwise on the connector. There should also be two wire bales on either side of the connector which hold it onto the printer.

    When you connect the printer and add it to Windows, you'll need to specify that the printer is connected to LPT1 which is the parallel port on your PC.

    If all my assumptions are correct, your test page should print fine!

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    Inventors Guest


    as part of our start up order package with the software we received two epson printers, i hope we weren't sold outdated equipment, that would be very frustrating!!!!

    printer one (i believe i have it set up for receipt):
    model M129H, this one has the cable you described. and I currently have it plugged into the tower

    printer two (i though i had it set up for the kitchen):
    model M188B, this one has a cable where on one end, the end that plugs into the printer, has a 25 pin male head on it. the other end is 9-hole female head, that i currently have no spots left on the tower for. The only opening on the tower are for USB.

    Sorry, I hope to get this resolved so i can start training my new employees with this.

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    pauloregon Guest
    I wouldn't call the printers "outdated" since the manufacturers keep changing the model numbers on their new printers.

    Sounds like printer one is connected correctly. And, you are able to print a test page from Windows, right?

    Printer 2 has a serial DB9F connector on the end of the cable. Are you saying that you have no serial connections for this printer? It will be obvious if you have no DB9M (male) connector on the back of your tower.

    You probably already know that Printer 2 (serial) can have a much longer cable than Printer 1 (parallel).

    If this is the case, you'll need to go get a PCI Serial card to add an additional serial port. OR, an easier solution is to get a USB->Serial adaptor cable which Radio Shack sells for $24.99.

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