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Thread: Can't Define Menu Sides...Why?

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    Kirk Guest

    Angry Can't Define Menu Sides...Why?

    Well..the problem I am having is not explained in the manual. I want to define a a potato. So, I type in Potato. Then I want to "add" and then I use the "F8" to add french fries.

    When I do this, I get the "SKU" and "Description of the "French Fries". The price shows as well. Then, I try to use my "tab" key or just click on the mouse to place the curser in the open fields. When I do this, I get a gray box off to the right of the screen that says "Press any key to continue".

    When I do that, the entire program closes out..the entire BPA closes out and I have to reopen it and start all over again. I have tried the "f8" key bringing up various items and still cannot "Define Sides".

    Very frustrating. What am I doing wrong. I have enetered all my sides..and now want to define them but the system won't allow it.

    What am doing wrong???


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    Lets go over the steps for side lists.

    1-Select 'Define Side Lists' from the manager functions screen.

    2-Click on the side list that you want to add, modify, or delete.

    3-Select Add at the top.

    4-Push F8 on your keyboard to pull up the product pick list.

    5-Highlight the product that you want to add to the side list and press 'Enter'.

    6-Under the 'Item Name' field, enter the name that you want the button to display.

    7-Press 'F3' on your keyboard to save.

    8-Repeat for additional side items.

    Hope this helps!
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
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    Kirk Guest


    I did that..many times..but when I try to tab down or click down to the "Item Name" I got, and still get, the gray box telling me to "hit any key to continue" and then when I do, it closes out the entire BPA program and takes me to the desktop.

    I have done everything you listed out and it won't allow me to even hit F3 after I did the "pick" (F8). I thought maybe I could save and come back and enter info in the "Item Name"..but not so.

    Like I said..really frustrating cuz I was able to do it the other day and it worked. I thought it was cool..all was coming together. I closed out and saved all. Then I came back in the next day and tried entering more info in the "Define Sides" and I get this problem.

    Like I said, kinda frustrating cuz I know what to do, the system just is not cooperating. I even thought maybe when I started entering info for the pos system buttons I did check custom sides and other sides associated to the menu item. So, I changed all the "Y" back to "N" and that still made no difference. But, again, I was able to define sides the day before..after that, it rejects all attempts and takes me back to desk top.

    The only thing I can think of is someone might have come in and was playing around with the system and did something..we have not passworded anything yet and wasn't planning on it until I had it all running..then we were going to password people to different modules.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for your response back..I did do each step you layed out and what the tutorial disk said..still doesn't work.


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    If you are having this kind of issue with sides lists, I would call Business Software Solutions and speak with technical support. Your side list database may be read only or something like that. Can't really troubleshoot this further over the forums.
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
    (801) 336-3303

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