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Thread: exe.file bpacgi is asking for downloads

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    Ron Gincastro Guest

    Question exe.file bpacgi is asking for downloads

    I have just reinstalled the bpa web server and when I set up the site and click on login link an exe. file named bpacgi.exe is comming up and and wants user to download. The products or statments or order all are showing this exe file. can anyone tell me what to do.
    My system i am using is a windows xp proffessional wit IIS in it.
    I have installed the two new patches and now when I try and generate a new web page from the setting up web site area, I am not able to do so. I am not receiving the view screen anyways, so I am assuming I am not generating a new page.
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    New Technology Guest
    Make sure the BPA "World Wibe Server" is running.

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    Make sure that your Scripts and SecureScripts Virtual Directories Execute Permissions are set to allow "Scripts And Executables".

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