By default, BPA will sort menu items you enter in alphabetical order and use the same color for all of the buttons on your menu. If you want to customize your menu you can rearrange the order of your buttons and change the button color to just about any color you would like. There is also an option to use pictures on your menu item buttons rather than text.

Below are the instructions to change the order and color of the menu items in Restaurant Sales:
1) You will go to Restaurant System > Manager Functions > Define Menu Items > Assign Menu Item Order.
2) Where it says “Select The Menu (F8):”, you can either type in the name of the menu tab or select F8 on your keyboard to choose it from the pick list, and then press Enter.
3) On the next screen, you will see all of the menu items sorted alphabetically by the TOP TEXT column. They will all have a SCREEN ORDER of 999 and will all be the same BUTTON COLOR. To change the order they appear on the Restaurant Sales menu, you will change the 999 in SCREEN ORDER to 001, 002, etc.
a. Be aware that the SCREEN ORDER does need to be 3 digits (001, 111, etc.).
b. If you have multiple items with the same SCREEN ORDER number, such as multiple items with 100 and multiple items with 200, then they will default to alphabetical order within that SCREEN ORDER.
c. If you choose to number each button individually, note that the button order goes from left to right, so the first row of buttons will have a SCREEN ORDER of 001 to 007, the second row with have 008 to 014, etc.
4) To change the color of the menu item, you will select the Choose Color button under the BUTTON COLOR column.
5) When you push the Choose Color button, you can either select a Basic Color or use the Define Custom Color button to select your own color. Once you have selected the color you want to use, press OK and the entire row for the button will change to that color.
6) Once you are done changing the screen order and choosing the button color, you can either select F3 or Esc to save the settings.

BPA has the option to use pictures on your menu item buttons rather than text. It can be any image you would like but it does need to be scaled to roughly 100 pixels by 100 pixels.

To setup images for your buttons do the following:
1) Go to Restaurant System > Manager Functions > Define Menu Items.
2) Select either Add for a new Menu Item, or select Modify to choose an existing Menu Item.
3) Select the button that says Select Picture. In older versions of BPA, the button will be located just near the top right side. In newer versions of BPA, the Select Picture button is on the second group under Menu Item Options.
4) You will then get a window that will allow you to browse and select the picture you are trying to use. Once you have it selected, press the OK button.
5) The image will now appear in the menu item’s definitions page. Press F3 to save.