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Thread: Your Payware Password Expires!

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    Ryan Guest

    Your Payware Password Expires!

    Are you using Payware-PC?
    Did you know that your Payware-PC expires every 90 days?
    The following information will walk you through what you need to do in order to change / update your passwords in Payware-PC and in our BPA software.

    You will also need to do this when you get the error, "Invalid Password" in our BPA software while attempting to process a credit card.

    The Payware-PC software is set to require a password change about every 90 days. When the password has expired, you will get an error stating that you have an invalid password when you attempt to process a credit card. Here are some easy steps to get you back up and running credit cards again!

    1. Log into one of the Payware-PC programs such as the Admin or Payment center. Make sure you use your existing Payware password.
    2. Payware will prompt you to create a new password. You will need to do this and save it.
    3. Once you have successfully changed your password for the Payware software, you will need to update the password in the BPA software's Credit Card settings screen. You will do this by going to BUSINESS SYSTEM -> Defintions -> Credit Card Processing -> In here you will see the login/password fields that should match what you use for Payware.
    4. Put your new password for Payware in the PASSWORD field and hit SAVE AND EXIT. You will see a prompt asking if you want all stations to use that login information, Hit YES on that prompt.

    **It is recommended that you set a calender warning or some type of reminder for yourself so you know when the password is about to expire. This will help from having this happen to you in the middle of your lunch or dinner rush.
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