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Thread: RapidServer Installation

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    moucatel Guest

    Exclamation RapidServer Installation

    I've trying to setup the RapidServer (PDA) to access the Point-of-Sale application on the BPAServer. Unfortunately, I've called the Support telephone number three times but there's never anyone available to assist with this particular product (RapidServer) and I don't receive the promised call-back. Moreover, no do***entation is available from the Support Center to self-install the RapidServer product.

    Specifically, this is where I'm at and what I need:

    1. All three (3) PDA's are able to access the network wirelessly and securely, browse the internet, ping the BPAServer wirelessly and syncronize user data when placed in the docking station(USB).

    2. My problem and question is how do I get the Point-of-Sale applicaton on the RapidServer PDA's and how do I configure the BPAServer to exchange data with the RapidServer PDA?

    Any assistance that somebody could provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Eric Moucatel

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    Call Support again and ask for Joe.
    If they ask what it is in reguards to tell them Rapid Server and PDA setup.

    BSS Tech Support Manager / Software Engineer

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    coast_antigua Guest
    This week we've got three of this PDAs including a LinkSys router. They came without any do***entation and so I have some questions, maybe Joe can help me out...

    I realized "RapidServer" seems to be something special. Maybe it only works on a Windows file server? We are running a Linux server...

    We already have a several access points and I noticed that the Linksys router as well as the PDAs are somehow pre-installed. Can't we use our own access points? What settings has to be used?

    Is there any do***entation available for setting up the PDAs with the server??

    I'm quite familiar with networking setup and computers (15 years in IT), so I don't need a step by step guide, just the facts.

    Thanks in advance,

    The Coast Antigua

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    RapidServer Do***entation

    RapidServer do***entation has been added to the end of the Restaurant Manual. You should have received an updated copy of that manual with the RapidServer units you ordered. If you didn't, a copy is available for download here:

    RapidServer Manual

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    thatoneplace Guest
    i am not having any luck connecting from the rapidserver to the bpa server,i am showing that they are connected on the lan but cant login...after a long phone wait it is connected and working thanks muge
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