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Thread: CC processing Error

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    ont Guest

    CC processing Error

    I have been using BPA for abuot a year and X-charge for CC payments for about 6 months. I have had to use it as a stand-alone. because when I try to configure CCP with Xcharge I keep getting this error
    "SEE SYSTEM ADMINISTARTOR, ERROR 1 file e:\sysfile\sysfile.dbf does not exist"

    I have tried to reinstall the software to no avail.
    It would be nice to have this process intergrated as that was the only reason that I set-up with Xcharge.

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    ont Guest
    wow no reply what so ever?

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    Justin Guest
    I am a little confused as to the address that is indicated in your post.
    the file 'sysfile.dbf' is natively located in the c:\bpa directory but you indicate that you are looking in e:\sysfile.
    Do you have bpa installed in a non standard folder? what are you setting as the path to x-charge folder? it should be
    \\(put server address here)\localtran\
    where the address is the address of the server and then you should also verify that the localtran folder is shared on the server. (it is located here> c:\program files\x-charge\localtran)

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfophy09 View Post
    So.... which one of you, the programmers, made this temporary programming error???

    Can you be a little more specific? That looks like encryption to me. Where are you seeing this? What are you doing when you see that? Does it happen all of the time or random or...?
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