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Thread: BPA - Printing Receipts

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    asatishkumar Guest

    BPA - Printing Receipts

    I just installed the software and loaded it up with the menu. When I print the receipt, the printer is chopping off the first character. I am using a EPSON T88-IV receipt printer and a standard size (73 mm wide) thermal paper to print. I played with the standard PDF printer that BPA uses to produce PDF files to print but no luck. Any assistance from the group would be much appreciated.

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    Saveabyte Guest
    There are other posts addressing this problem.
    The answer is use the windows Generic/Text only driver,
    under Devices settings tab/ Form to Try Assignments, set all to unavailable
    Thats it.
    If you changed the printer.dbf file you will need to overwrite it with an original.

    Hope this helps

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    This print driver is included with all versions of windows. You need to just add a printer and select it from a list.
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    cnelson88 Guest
    I have the system setup but cannot get the words "Sales Tax" to print on the customer receipt. The items are listed, there is a "Sub Total:" and the amount is correct. The next line is the sales tax and all that is printed on that line is ":" and the tax amount is there. The next line is "Total:" and the total is correct. How can I get it to print the words sales tax on the correct line?

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    You can change the name of the tax under the business system.

    Go to Business System > Definitions > Sales Tax Table

    In there you should have a field called "Sales Tax name to print on invoices"

    More than likely - that field is blank. Type in Sales Tax and that should fix it.
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