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Thread: Which Computer is the Register

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    collective Guest

    Which Computer is the Register


    Might seem like a silly question ..

    But just got a new 2 machine system ..

    one labled server .. which has all of the software ...

    the other client which has some of software ...

    which one is a back room manager?

    and which machine is set up as the register along with the touch screen?

    the server?

    or the client?

    Thanks, Rick

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    collective Guest

    OK I think I see it now

    I think I see it now ..

    the server resides in the Back Room so to speck? Is that correct ..

    and the client is the the cash register setup up front?

    (I had accidently plugged the cash drawer into the LAN input so I could not see this yesterday)

    I am using a linksys router to connnet to the internet already ..

    but that is also set up to hard wire

    so is it a mtter of just plugging in the client computer to the back room server?

    and thus joining inot the network

    so I guess what I need to complete the Puzzle is the 50ft or so of LAN Cable to connect the 2 together

    Do I have it ??

    am I close?

    Thanks, Rick

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    It really doesn't matter where you put the server computer. Basically it just hosts the data files. You get the same functionality on the client as the server.
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