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Thread: Can i fix this or is it easier to start from scratch again?

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    Can i fix this or is it easier to start from scratch again?

    I have been using BPA restaurant delivery profesional 8.1.23 for 4 years now, my old database has been mishandled by my past general manager, who did not properly deleted and uploaded a lot of information. This in turn has caused the software to be unable to produce most basic reports like sales summary, product slaes summary, etc etc. I get:

    BPA Error

    An error has ocurred that requires BPA to close in order to protect your data. We apologize for the inonvenience.

    Error details

    10/01/2013 19:31:53

    ERROR: 41:Memo file c:/bpa/FOXUSER.FPT is missing or is invalid

    Can i fix my database? or is it better to remove the program and reinstall the software and start from scratch??

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    I don't recommend a re-install. This file doesn't contain any of your data but is used by the program. Our technical support can replace this file for you. Call them at (801) 336-3303.
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
    (801) 336-3303

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