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Thread: Changing The Product Name

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    Ed Parrott Guest

    Changing The Product Name

    Is there a way, short of starting over completely, to edit the Product names? We have 934 records thus far, and have discovered that we would be much better off to use the UPC for the product name.

    Or, does anyone think I am in left field for wanting to use the source barcode for the product ID?

    Thanks in advance -Ed Parrott

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    In the product definitions menu there is a function to change product ids. It will allow you to enter the old id and then to enter it's replacement id.

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    billmh Guest
    I would think that to find a product manually would almost be in possible. You would always have to enter the barcode to find it.

    Am I wrong here?

    To do inventory, using the bar code as the product ID makes sense because it would be quicker to find using the scanner.

    I will have to look and see if the program allows one to sort/search with the other fields. Then maybe using the bar code would be best.

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