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Thread: managing print fields

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    mblaksley Guest

    Thumbs down managing print fields

    I need to manage what to print on my ticket, is there a module that can do it?
    If not I need to know if I can use another software to fix the string or printing output, other way I lost my money and time with this software.

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    Justin Guest
    can you please tell me a little more about your problem? What software are you using? What are you trying to print/control?
    I can't help unless I know this information.

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    mblaksley Guest

    Question problem definition

    Ok Mr. Justin, first, thanks for answering me,
    The issue is that I need to print the name of the costumer,
    and his ID_number and I canĀ“t.
    My question is if you have some module that can do that.
    thanks again,

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    mblaksley Guest

    may I configure or rename?

    I also want to know if I can configure with a string the parameters as I need to fix my comunication trouble with the special printer, I have the string I need to my printer,
    I need to know if I can fix yours to convert tha data.

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