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Thread: Epson TM-T88iii w/USB Interface

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    Epson TM-T88iii w/USB Interface

    Since you must use Epson's Advanced Printer Driver with their USB interface the print speed is slowed to a crawl. I've talked with Epson & the fine folks at POSWorld and they say it's because all text is rendered as graphics.

    You can workaround this by redirecting the print job to a Generic/Text Only driver. All you have to do is setup a dummy printer using the Generic/Text Only driver on an unused LPT port and then redirect the Epson APD print jobs using the Net Use command. This works slick and puts the printer back on steroids.

    One issue remains, once the print is complete there is a significant delay prior to the paper being cut?

    If anyone has experienced similar issues please share. Thanks!

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    Good, post, it didn't occur to me that you could do that.

    We have never had luck with usb epson printers as you can't print to one by just using the generic text only print driver before your solution here. And the fact that the regular driver is too slow for normal use. Which makes us usually recommend using a serial or parrallel printer.

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