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Thread: Program Updates

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    bbyguy946 Guest

    Program Updates

    Hello all...

    Does anyone know how often software updates are e-mailed? I purchased the program and hardware in June 2005. I haven't received an update yet. I can't imagine there not being an update for almost a year...


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    billmh Guest
    Call sales. If you are current on your support payments, they will email you the updates.

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    bbyguy946 Guest
    I am current on my support fees. Just paid for 6 more months the other day. However, I asked sales about it. The response I received was, "Well, when there is an update, they will e-mail you." I was just reading up on one of the other forums and I see that there was an update #8? Somehow I feel as though someone at BSS isn't being completely honest.

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    billmh Guest
    I got the software about the same time you did. When someone asked about a feature I did not have, I asked about it and they said we will email it to you. Which they did. See if you have a feature in the manager area, Miscellaneous, I think that allows you turn on/off the hold/fire feature. If you have this, then you have the latest. If not ask them to email you the lates update.

    IF not then email me and I will send it.

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