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Thread: Report Display

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    hzimmerman Guest

    Report Display

    When running daily sales summaries or filtered reports; part of the report is cut-off and not in view either printed or on-screen. Is there a way to reformat the on-screen view so that the entire report is readable?

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    That report is designed to be printed out using a standard ink jet/laser printer.

    If you want to view it to the screen and have it formated correctly you must have a ink jet / laser printer driver installed and set as the default printer. The viewing to screen function uses the default printer driver to format the text on the screen and you probably have a generic text only driver for your receipt or kitchen printer that is currently the default printer and it does not support the fonts required to display or print these reports.

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    wearearewe Guest
    Joe, can you please clairfy what you mean by default printer?

    My WinXP Pro machine that I'm running BPA Rest. on has a default HP Deskjet printer installed. BPA Rest. allows the definition of 7 printers; Receipt, Expediter & 5 Cooks printers. Each one of these printers is set to my default.

    I still get the "cut off" display.


    Jeff Jackson
    Summit Computer Services

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    wearearewe Guest
    Scratch that last item...

    I was looking at a different report, Daily Sales & Tips as opposed to Daily Sales & Labor. Daily Sales & Tips is deisgned to print on a receipt printer.

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