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    Menu tab

    I just purchased BPA POS RESTURANT SYSTEM. I am in the process of entering the products. etc.. I have two questions.

    1. How can I create more then 8 menu tab for POS?

    2. I have more then 30 items under MENU1 tab, I can see only 24 items on the screen and the last 6 items I cannot see. I have try to push page/up page/down bottom and it said no more item under this munu tab. What did I do wrong? How can I fix this problem.


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    Question 1 - You can not create more than 8 tabs and you can't remove any of the tabs.

    Question 2 - I would give BSS a call and talk to a technician to make sure you are following all the correct steps on this. Really, you should be able to access the other menu items by hitting the page up/page down button.

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