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Thread: speeding it up (ram, z-1 reports)

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    Seager Guest

    speeding it up (ram, z-1 reports)

    //edit: I think I posted this in the wrong section of the site - sorry. .//

    I have few dilemas I was hoping you could assist me with.

    I am the "tech" for the Flying Burrito in Ames, Ia. Our POS system is a client/server based restaurant delivery bpa system. We have a pos in the front of the store networked/being served by a pos in the back of the store. The rear pos is a pentium 500 with 128megs of ram. It's running windows XP and the pcCharge credit card software. We bought the computers from BPA as part of a package deal. (they appear to be old gateways)

    Now my problem: The system of S-L-O-W. I'm surprised that windows xp will even run with 128 megs of ram much less do anything else. I would like to open the computer up, check what motherboard is in it, use to figure out what ram I can use, and then put as much ram into it as the motherboard will handle. However, I want to make sure that doing so won't void any warranty we may have. Will it? Do you offer other hardware upgrades (like a deal on a 1.4 gig system, etc)

    Secondly, it takes FOREVER to print out my z-1 and z-2 reports (from manager functions -> end of day). We are using a decent brother laser printer but the limiting factor is how slow it's able to compute the Z reports and then spool to the printer. (we used to use a canon inkjet but with the same results) Will more ram fix this problem? Is there anything I can do to the software to help this? Is than an upgrade that addresses this problem?

    I should note that we pack the files every night and restart the computers about once a week. (restarting them shouldn't matter with XP, however, since I don't know of them having memory leaks like win98 used to) The files are archived about every 90 days. (any longer than that the the computer takes 20 seconds to go between screens) Both computers are free of spyware and are virus free and have been defragged recently. There are no extraneous programs running.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Seager Guest
    hello? I just want to know if putting ram in our system would void the warranty or any other options to speed it up.

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    billmh Guest
    XP needs at least 256k to operate, 512k is better. Windows is probably using the HD to spool the reports, rather than available memory.

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    Seager Guest
    So I popped the sucker open today and it's a KZM-6120 mobo and the computer itself is a Vectra VLi8 500 (I believe.) isn't telling what the max memory I can use is. I found one entry here:

    but I can't tell if 512 is the max per slot or total. I'd love to put in a gig if I could. You guys sold us the computers, do you have a guess off the top of your heads what it'll take? (currently it's got 2 64meg chips in it)

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    billmh Guest
    I would check out HP's web site and see if you can find the manual on the thing. XP is a heavy weight when it comes to memory. The newer high speed systems work great with 512. Not sure you will over come the slowness you see on the 650Mhz system with more memory. It will help some. You may want to look at Win 2000 maybe. This works quite will at that speed.

    We have been watching Dell for the cheapest systems. We been picking them up under $300 including shipping.

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