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Thread: daily sales and tips report

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    daily sales and tips report

    How does this report work? I can't find it in the book. Does it take military time? If I punch in 0900 - 1100 mar 4, it is showing me sales however we do not even open till 1100. I don't understand how this report feature works or even IF it works.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This report is designed to print to a receipt printer. There is an option to print the sales/tips per server (use employee #) or for all servers (000). You then input the date and the time and print the report.

    Yes the time is in military format. (Example: 9am=0900 / 9pm=2100 / 3:30pm=1530)

    Basically, if you are not familiar with military time you should learn a little formula. Time past Noon = 12+Hour. (Example: 4pm = 1200+400 = 1600)
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