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Thread: Please help set up to receive payment for E-commerce site

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    craftman Guest

    Please help set up to receive payment for E-commerce site

    I just purchased the software (BPA Web E-commerce) and are waiting for it on the mail. I'd like to accept all credit card payments through my website later. Please tell me if my "to do" list below has something not right:

    1. register a merchant account to accept online payment
    2. purchase PC charge server (Will PC charge Pro work fine?)
    3. Get a static IP address from my ISP
    4. Run up the BPA software with BPA Web server and everything should be working fine?

    Any ideas and suggestions are really appreciated.

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    Ron Gincastro Guest

    did you get any infor on merchant link

    I am trying to set up a merchant link and was wondering if you had an success in doing so. I see in the BPA main menu under deffinitions and then credit card processing. But that looks like it only accept those two. I have my own gateway and digital seal which I wanted to use. Any suggestions

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