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    liquor inventory


    I need some help with inventory. We purchased a bar code scanner from BPA and hooked it up. It works fine but I can not figure out how to do what we want to do. First thing we did was scan each bottle in the system so that the UPC number from the bottle matches the correct item in the product database. Now I want to do a physical count of inventory using the bar code scanner. As I scan each item, I want that item quantity to increment in inventory. Also the beer wine and liqour are stored in the liquor room downstairs. When we recieve a bottle in the liquor room I want to scan it in the system. When I remove a bottle from the liquor room to take upstairs to the bar I want to scan it out of the liquor room inventory, and have it show up somehow in the bar inventory. I also want to scan what is in the bar so i can keep a physical count of two locations. I want to view a report that says I have x amount of inventory at the bar, and x amount of inventory in the liquor room. I need to keep track of variances. If the systems say I have 10 bottles of Jack Daniels, I want to see where those 10 bottles are at. For example two bottles of Jack Daniels at the bar and 8 bottles of Jack Daniels in the liquor room. How can I do this?


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    I asked this same question a while ago. The UPC code is only read via the sales process. You cannot use it to find a product and update via the Inventory system.

    I suggested this be chnaged. It would make liquor inventory a snap.

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    This is not entirely true.

    If you setup your liquor products so that they use the upc code from the bottle as the product/service code(product id) you can then go into Inventory Management->Modify and when you go to enter the the product id just scan the barcode instead.

    You can also create Vendor Purchase Orders/Product Receiving in the same way if you have setup your liquor products as described above.

    What makes more sense is to print out a barcode book for your liquor which uses the existing product ids as barcodes. Then just scan the appropiate barcode in Inventory Management->Modify to locate the inventory product record. You can also do Vendor Purchase Orders/Product Receiving this way.

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