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Thread: questions from new user of system

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    Smile questions from new user of system

    Hello, Our business is just now starting to put information into computer system. Couple of questions

    Trying to understand the concept of group list. Does this need to be stablished first. Is this a version of submenus?
    We have already defined some of our products and created menu items on the tabs in the business system screen.

    At some point we opened tables. I deleted the information from the tables. I think they are not being closed or cannot be closed because they are zero. Since they really have no value we want to get rid of them. How is that properly done.

    I can use the mouse when going through the screens. I think I missed a step on how to make the touch screen work with out the mouse.

    Much appreciation for any assistance. I try to read the maunual but it just can't seem to find the proper terminolgy for my questions.

    Marilynn from Mustang Inn

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    1> You need to probably decide what general side options you are going to have for items so when you define your menu items, you have the option of adding the sides lists at that time.

    2> If the table is not closed, you may click or touch the remove/edit item button inside of restaurant sales. If you have closed the table but not posted sales for that day, you may use the remove closed table option inside of manager functions. If the tables are posted and you are removing a table from a different day, you need to go inside of the business system and use the customer sales module.

    3> All the touch screen monitor does is emulate a mouse click when you touch the screen. Because of this, you may use the mouse in any part of the software.
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    Donna@Pastaria Guest

    Question Touchscreen New User

    I had some of the same questions as Mustang, so this was helpful...however when I touch 'buttons' on touchscreen, different things other than the 'buttons' are; I closed and paid out a guest check w/out realizing it and ow I have to try to get rid of it as we were just testing it out.

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    Justin Guest
    I would say that if you are pressing a button and another button is getting pressed besides the one your finger is on you will need to re-calibrate your touch screen. this is done in several ways depending on the brand of touch screen, for instance: on the ELO monitors, you double click on the little blue icon in the bottom right of the screen that says elo. then you will see a button to calibrate the screen. then just follow the directions.
    Other monitors have similar instructions.

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    Donna@Pastaria Guest

    Thumbs up Touchscreen

    Thanks! I'll give it a try!

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