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Thread: Error Message with restaurant software

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    Dadood Guest

    Question Error Message with restaurant software

    When the restaurant sales software is running on the server and I try to open BPA on the client the following message appears: "You or an other user are trying to open the same file exclusively ! For data safety we will exit the program. Try this function later".
    What can I do to fix this ?

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    tmdavenport Guest

    Server Security

    I've been getting the same error on an account that doesn't have full access to the entire root of the server.

    I am myself trying to determine which folders, besides c:\bpa that a user requires access to. My admin account has no problems, it's just when I use an account that only has access to the bpa folder that the problem arrises.

    Does anyone know which other specific folders does bpa require access to to function?

    I would rather NOT give my cashiers full read/write/execute access to the WHOLE root of my server? Bit of a security risk if you ask me.

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    billmh Guest
    It is a security issue that should be fixed. Luckily, my clients workers are not savy computer folk. However, I believe you are right. If you set a client to look at the root directory, that should clear up the problem.

    I wonder if the BPA program looks for the BPA in a parent directory. So as a default BPA is in the Root. C:\BPA and you have to give the client access to c:\ to find BPA. Suppose you create a directory called POS and put BPA in there and then set the path of the client to look in c:\POS, if that would work. Then you need only share the POS directory.

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