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    Post Inventory Management

    We will be working with many conferences this year and I wanted to know if we can access our BPA program through our servers via the internet with PC Anywhere in order to maintain inventory and not have to manually adjust it.


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    Absolutly, you can use Pc Anywhere, Remote Desktop, Tight VNC, or any other remote control package.

    BSS Tech Support Manager / Software Engineer

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    ventryiii Guest


    I want to use "Remote Desktop" from Windows XP to connect to my shop computer from home. How do I do this? Both computers run XP and have high-speed internet connections.

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    thefatman Guest
    The machine defined as "server" or in other words the machine at the remote location, must be running Windows XP Pro to accomplish this.

    It must have access directly to the internet. If you go through a router for access you must route the appropriate ports or set the PC up as a DMZ.

    It must have a static IP address or go through a dynamic IP service such as dyndns.

    You need to set up a user account on this machine to log into and it must have a password.

    To set the computer to allow incoming connections you need to right click "My Computer", click properties, navigate to the remote tab, check the box to allow remote connections. Click the select users box and add the user account for remote login.

    If you fail to password the account you will not be able to log in remotely, as blank passwords are not allowed.

    From your home machine I will assume you are running XP.

    Click Start, all programs, accessories

    The option your are looking for is "Remote desktop connection"
    It may be in the accessories menu, the system tools menu, or the communication menu. I have seen it before in all 3.

    I simpler approach to this would be to use the realvnc server.
    you can get it from

    It will allow you to use their client software to login or any java enabled browser as well.

    Good Luck I hope this helps.

    Ed Uminn
    Catmandu Steak House
    Angola, IN

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