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Thread: Credit card processor- merchant account

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    Question Credit card processor- merchant account


    With the BPA software, one have to go with either X-charge or PC charge, is that all?

    I was worrying that it would not work if I have a merchant account with my bank instead, so please let me know if I can have a merchant account with my bank. And if I can, how should I program this?

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    If you want to use your current merchant you can purchase the PC Charge Integration module that is bundled with PC Charge Payments Server from us for $600. Make sure that your banks merchant processor supports PC Charge.

    You also have the option of X-Charge that is included with the software for free and the integration is free. X-Charge requires you to setup your merchant processor through them using the Global Processor.

    If neither of these ways work for you, you can still use your current processor with external credit card machines/box and just track the credit card sale transaction amounts in the software. The software doesn't require you to use integrated credit card processing.

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    Credit card processor merchant account

    When is the "cancellation fee" assesssed/applied? Is it if the merchant decides to no longer use the processor?

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