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Thread: Yield in Mfg Job

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    Yield in Mfg Job

    I'm curious if there is some way to reflect a yield in a Mfg Job. In other words, I have a product such as a muffin which I will sell individually and I would like my UM to be each. But, I don't have a recipe that would make one muffin, I have a recipe that yields 24, and I don't think for practical reasons I can have a recipe for one muffin - how would I enter 1/24th of an egg after all? Is there any way, when I create the Mfg job for the muffins, to have it update inventory with the yield instead of with 1? Similar to the way you can have a stocking UM when you set up a product and a vendor UM for ordering?


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    What you do is create an inventory kit with a raw material multiplier that equals the yield of your kit/recipe, in this case 24.

    When you pick the pieces of the inventory kit/recipe enter the quanitiy used to create the yield/raw material mulitplier.

    Example: 24 Yield Muffin recipe uses 4 cups of flower, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup butter etc.

    Then when you run your MFG Job make sure the quantity you enter is how many you want to make. So if you want 24 muffins run your job for 24 muffins and it will store 24 muffins and will pull the appropiate inventory for the creation of 24 muffins.

    If you run your MFG Job for just 1 muffin it will store 1 muffin into inventory and pull 1/24th of each of the items used to make that 1 muffin from inventory since the kit's multiplier/yield is 24.

    If you run your MFG Job for 48 muffins it will store 48 muffins and pull twice the amount of each of the items in the kit since the kit's multiplier/yield is 24.

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