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Thread: installing bar code [rinter

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    Post installing bar code [rinter

    When i attach the bar code printer the computer did not recoginze it so i added new printer using generic mfg and text only driver but it is not printing or recognizing the bar caoder printer?

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    The barcode printer is not automaticly detected by the computer.

    You will need to install a Windows Generic Text Only print driver and call it Label.


    Get into the printer properties by right clicking on the print driver you just installed and select properties. Then choose Device Settings and set the 3 options under Form To Tray Assignment to be "Not Availible" by selecting each option, dropping down the menu, scrolling to the top of the menu and choosing "Not Availible".

    Then go into BPA and drop down the System Tools menu and choose print barcodes. Choose Print from product id, enter your product range and when it prompt you for what printer to use choose your Label printer.

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