When I receive in purchase orders, I receive 5 of one item that have serial numbers. When I split the serial's it comes up with 5 seprate line items. I key in the location that it's going to and the next screens asks if I want serial numbers or lot number's, I chose to enter serial numbers. The priblem is I keyed in 2 of the same serial numbers and the system didn't promt me to say it was a duplicate serial # or ask if I wanted to proceed with a duplicate. That troubles me when I depend on serial numbers for tracking and quantity purposes. What I'm attempting to do is when I receive 5 tiems, I want to scan the serial # and for each one that I scan, it adds to the received quantity. When I hit a total of 5 serial #'s, it should prompt me ans say you received 5. What if I received 7 because of a miss order, how can I know I received 7 instead of 5? How would I know if someone counted the same item 2 times because of the same serial #? Jim