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Thread: Data Base Error Has Occured

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    Jolene116 Guest

    Angry Data Base Error Has Occured

    Hi, Everything was working fine, then I started to receive this message - " A Database Error Has occurred. We will attempt to find & fix the Database. All users must be out of BPA Select "Y" to continue.

    When I select "Y" - I get another message on a VB or Foxpro notification stating that "Function argument value, type or count is invalid"

    If I click on ignore enough times it dumps me into a explorer like file system that has a huge amount of files...

    I really need some help... anyone have any ideas?


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    goldenegg Guest


    When was the last time you updated?

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    Madison Guest
    You could try to re index your data files along with packing your data files. Both of theses functions are under the files tab on the initial page of BPA.
    The only other solution is to call tech support if these steps do not help your situation.

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