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    Question Server Clock Out

    Ok so we have been using BPA for years. About 2 months ago every once in a while when a server goes to claim their tips before clocking out the POS will double their sales.
    Example: Server report says sales were $832.32. When they go to claim their tips at clock out it says $1,643.98.

    We check the clock every night so it's not like they haven't claimed the tips in a few days or something like that. It will do this randomly to multiple servers at a time and is causing a lot of distress to our newer servers. HELP!!!

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    Not sure what would cause this based on the information you provided. Your best bet at this point is to call into their tech support and have them look at the data and/or see if they can recreate the issue. I just tried on my local system here and everything seems to be working ok.

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