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Thread: bar coe printer w/2 computers

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    Cool bar coe printer w/2 computers

    I have a cognitive printer that is shared with two computers over the network. From one computer the printer prints the bar codes just fine. From the other printer the bar codes some out ove three bar code stickers. I am using the generic/text printer driver and have installed all of the fonts from the BPA directory. Please advise

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    All you should have to do is install the generic print driver on the computer that the printer is connected to. Then get into the printer properties and go to the device settings and make sure the 3 Form To Tray Assignment options are set to "Not Availible", which is at the top of the drop down menu list.

    Then go to the sharing tab and enable printer sharing. Finally on your other computer you will need to install a network printer that points to the shared printer on the other computer.

    I have personally done this many times and it is fairly straight forward. One other thing, you don't have to install the barcode fonts in the bpa folder unless you need to print the laser label barcode book.

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