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Thread: Sub menus question

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    Sub menus question

    ver 8.2.588
    I am building a new menu for a small restaurant. They will offer huge vaiety of liquir: Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Scotch Whisky, Malts Whisky , Irish Whisky, Bourbon, Rum, Cognac, Brandy, and Others - each of these will have 3-10 brands. As you can see that is a huge list.
    So I wonder is there any way I can create a sub menus, for example:
    Main Tab is Liquor and then buttons to the corrensponding categories above.

    I have tried with a "side list" but then it does not display the brand on the order list. For example, it will only say Vodka if you sellect Grey Goose, in order to see what kind of Vodka you have to "see details."

    Please advise.

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    First of all, the method you described isn't a good way to keep track of inventory. It's also inefficient when it comes to keystrokes per drink. This is my recommendation.

    I would do a button (& product id) called "grey goose" and then activate the mixing modifiers list on the menu item. From there, either a side list or a custom side list that display charged upgrades like "double" or "floater".

    For example:
    Ring up a double screwdriver.

    Grey Goose -> Button
    Screw Driver -> From Mixing Modifiers List
    Double -> From Custom Sides List or Bar Sides List

    Hope this helps!
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