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Thread: Using Barcode Scanner of Inventory

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    billmh Guest

    Question Using Barcode Scanner of Inventory

    When doing inventory or manualy adjustments can you search using the barcode vice the product_ID? I see no use for the UPC code except for at the POS.

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    You could define your product using the upc code as the product id then you would be able to search by UPC, but your right the only place that uses the upc code for lookup is the POS everything else uses the product id or product description.

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    billmh Guest
    For doing inventory adjustments, it sure would be nice to be able to search via a barcode. Comes in handy when doing liquor inventory. A thought for the future maybe.

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    mrmarshall Guest

    Lightbulb agreed use x51?

    since the dell x51 does have a scanner on it and is running bpa couldnt we use it to do our inventory of ALL products? Each product we enter has a product id and bar code or upc code available. Cant we choose which id method we need when doing inventory? Accubar uses the x51 for its program. It seems a great fit for all of us if we could incorporate the upc into our inventory process and set up possibly multiple locations for stock.

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