I have one of those really complicated type problems that has a lot of weird parts to it, but if anyone can please help me, it will be greatly appreciated.

I’m dealing with a multi-branching company who wants to use BPA to track everything from everywhere and while I was giving training to the employees, there were a few points brought to my attention weather the software can perform certain tasks.

1. Is there anyway to transfer existing data from QuickBooks, Excel, Word, etc…?

2. Is there an option to hide certain fields or strictly password protect them by user?

(Now here is the big one, any bit of help is still help and is desperately needed. look)
3. This company has a total of 5 stores. Of the 5, 4 of them are stores (3 within a half a mile range) with salespeople, a moderate showroom and some material warehoused. The 5th location is a brand new showroom that also houses the main offices and the primary warehouse. About 80% of the stock that leaves this warehouse is for customers buying from another location. When these orders come in, they do not contain any information regarding pricing since the request has only been used by the offices for inventory records. Attempting to keep it the same way (not making a new “sales slip” making the information mandatory); they would be required to put a sale cost of $0.000 for each of the orders. With all that, is it possible to do that (to keep the inventory up-to-date) AND not interfere with the accounting details of the company.

P.S. My suggestion is to make a new form for them, either PDF/HTML or a print out to fax, with spaces which require the information needed in BPA.

4. I need a quick suggestion: For the information coming in from other stores, they want to be able to track each order by the customer information, salespersons name and store name. Which is recommended: listing each store as a vendor, broker or something else?

Again, if anyone can please help me at all, it will be very greatly appreciated. If you need further details or anything, please post back and I will reply A.S.A.P.

Thank you,
-Sintel Systems