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Thread: Redeemed Gift Certificate Report??

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    bmw2800 Guest

    Question Redeemed Gift Certificate Report??

    We have a button on a "MISC" menu for "Gift Certs Redeemed" these are not the BPA issued "Gift Cards" but our own gift certificates. When you press the button it asks you the certificate number and the amount and then takes the amount off the check.

    NOW - how do I get a report of the gift certificates redeemed - inlcuding number, date and amount?

    Fullerton Inn
    Chester, Vermont

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    tucsonseth Guest
    You can view your gift certicicate redeemed total on a few reports. 1) run a server sales/tips report to your receipt printer. 2) Run a Manager Report in 'restaurant Reports' - 'Daily Sales And labor Report'. 3) Sales by Product and Hour Report. 4)Sales Summary Report. --(this will total and itemize by server too.)

    I am BPA user browsing the posted threads. For direct customer service help or more specigfic questions I've found it necessary to call direct rather than rely on a reply from a BPA rep on this forum.

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    billmh Guest
    Please reply when you get your answer from BPA. I would like to know if there is a way to get this report.

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    billmh Guest

    Certificate report

    Have you looked at the custom reports available over in the buisness section? You maybe be able to pull the info in a custom report.

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