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Thread: Printer is very slow. Please help!

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    fuad Guest

    Angry Printer is very slow. Please help!


    Could someone please help me with the below questions?

    - I am using BPA Rest Delivery software. My printer is being very slow. It prints one line at a time and takes about 6-10 seconds for the whole receipt to print out. I am using Posiflex PP7000 and PP8000 printers. The printers work just fine with other POS softwares I tried. So it doesn't look like a printer issue. I like BPA very much due to it's clean interface and nice accounting features. But the printer acting like a turtle is really frustrating for me. Could someone please assist? I'd need a detailed instructions if possible please!

    - The receipt also has an extra half inch of cut out white piece. This is not really a dealbreaker, but it's a waste of paper for me. Is there anyway to stop this? I need just the receipt with enough information.

    - Is there anyway to print barcodes on the receipt?

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    I would first like to ask if you are set up with the Generic Text only printer driver.

    This should help get that set up -

    Can you make sure this is set up and report back to this thread?
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    fuad Guest
    This is awesome! Thanks very much. The printer is flying now after installing the generic driver. It also fixed the extra cutout part.

    Now could you also help me with the below?

    - The printer is spitting out a large receipt now, like double the amount of paper with half empty space in the bottom. How can I fix this?

    - (Not entirely related to this thread) I use customers account# as the phone number when entering order for delivery. I don't want to assign any separate account#, but this is a mandatory field. The receipt does not show the acct#/phone# field. It only shows when I fill out the actual "Phone number" only field. I do not want to add an account#(phone#) and also a phone number when taking orders. Could you tell me how to get the acct/phone field to be displayed on the receipt?

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    You need to go into the printer properties. Under the 'device settings' tab, you will see three options. Change these 3 settings to 'envelope' instead of letter. That should fix the extra paper issue.

    There is an option in Misc Def that allows you to auto load the account number as the phone number. This saves you some time. Using this option, you can make the account number the customer's phone number and it displays on the ticket, cooks ticket, & delivery slip.

    Here is an example:
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
    (801) 336-3303

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