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Thread: Kitchen Printing Order

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    ccbbq Guest

    Kitchen Printing Order

    below is a Customer Order followed by the resulting Kitchen Ticket.

    Customer Order;
    Large Sandwich
    Add Cheese ------------ *from 'Custom Side List'
    Side - Coleslaw --------- *from 'Side List'
    Side - French Fries ------ *from 'Side List"

    Kitchen Ticket;
    Large Sandwich
    Side - Coleslaw
    Side - French Fries
    Add Cheese

    Question; Anyway to get the kitchen ticket to print the "Add Cheese" directly under the Sandwich since this is what the cheese is for? It's misleading for my kitchen as we also add cheese to our fries.

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    bd30907 Guest

    kitchen print order

    ccbbq, I have had the same problem.
    I have found that items in custom list appear when ever they are selected.
    I moved the items to a named list and problem was solved.

    Hope the helps.


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