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Thread: Security Events

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    kashkaval Guest

    Security Events

    Several weeks ago I was in the BPA system and there was a function that when invoked listed actions performed (remove item, add item, clock in etc) and by whom (e.g. person name or Master Password)

    I can not seem to find that function anymore.

    Could someone let me know where it is?


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    Madison Guest
    You would go to "Restaurant Reports" then to " Security Events"

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    kashkaval Guest
    Yes the security events in reporting I know about, but I believe I saw another function somewhere which was an active spreadsheet (like View POS data) that listed events and the User which performed it (or master password).

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    Madison Guest
    Business system=>definitions menu=>passwords for modules=>view employee logins

    Only other one I know of.hope it's the one you want

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    kashkaval Guest
    Yes that's it. Thanks.

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