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Thread: Assign more than one custom side list

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    Kowloon Guest

    Assign more than one custom side list

    I have a question about BPA, can you assign more than one custom side list to a menu. If yes how can I do it ?

    Let me explain, I just created a all inclusive menu item, it comes with appetizer, the main course, dessert and a soft drink. But when I assign the custom side list and we select the item the only option that we get to select is for the appetizer.

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    Currenlty, bpa only allows 1 custom side list per menu item.
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    Kowloon Guest
    Thanks a lot, I tries online chat and sending a mail and they tell it's possible but I have to call a technician, and because we are not in the US it will cost me a lot more to call them

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