Have you ever gone to close a Word do***ent, for example, and it says, "Do you want to save the changes to 'such and such.doc'?" [yes] [no] [cancel] ?

Of course, we all have and thank goodness because you would have lost some very important changes had you not been reminded to do so. And this fail-safe window is not just for Word doc.s either. It's all over every windows application and even every name brand 3rd party software that you can find.

We need to have this fail-safe on the "Remove Order" button.

Problems: For one, it sits right next to the "remove item" button. We aren't always pin-point accurate with our fingers. Especially when there are 40+ people waiting to be seating and/or to pay and a customers angry that a food item has mistakenly been added to the bottom of their ticket.

-- (This happens because when servers cash-in, they are dropped right into the order that is on the top of their screen and if their not watching out they will start entering items onto the wrong ticket. Servers should, first have to cash-in and SECOND, pick the order with which ot become active before being able to enter anything. This way that would never happen.) --

So while assuring our client that we're not actually trying to pad the bill with extra items without them knowing, the cashier hits "remove order" instead of "remove item". This happens. It happened to be a table of 10 with separate checks, each already paid by credit card already closed. I can't tell you what a mess that was!!

Solution #1: Move the bottom across the window. Why have two totally different buttons right next to each other. It will reduce the times a user will accidentally hit the wrong button if it's more than just millimeters from one another.

Solution #2: When the 'remove order' button is pushed, just add in a window, "Are you sure you want to Remove this order?" [Remove] [Cancel] ". That's it. So easy and yet it guarantees a much safer operation for the users.

Also, the same error-producing layout exists within the "close order" screen. The buttons, 'Exit without closing' and 'Close order' are little thin bars that sit right on top of one another. They shouldn't be next to each other. Why are they?? They are two completely different options, one of which you want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE you want to close it when you do. And if you DO select this, 'Close order', you need to have a fail safe window, "Are you sure you want to Close this order? [Close] [Cancel] ". That's it. It takes no time at all to confirm this close with a touch of a finger. But it will save never having to re-open an order closed by mistake. Such as when a server runs a pre-auth credit card slip for the table for signatures and when he returns he finds that he has closed the order by mistake and has to go to the manager to have it re-opened and the tip added and re-closed. This causing maddening delays and two charges ) to appear on the customers online statement.(one will reverse from pending after 3-5 days but the customer still calls angry about playing Around with his credit card.)

I am asking that the software offer safety ropes, so to speak, to it's users rather than the users having to tip-toe around the software's pit-falls.

- "Are you sure" windows added to: 'Remove order' and 'Close order'
- Comfortable spacing between to very important and different buttons; 'remove order'-'remove item' & 'Exit without Closing' , 'Close Order'.
- Upon Cash-in, force the server to select a particular order before being able to enter items, don't just drop them active into the top order.

Our customers and yours will be so much happier. :-)

Thank you!

Seth Holzman
Guadalajara Grill