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    Quantity Button

    I am not sure if I posted this suggestion yet, but it would be great to have a quantity button. More often now, for events or catering, we charge per person, and we have to push the "Repeat Item" button, sometimes up to 90 times. Also, some of our food items for catering are charged individually, up to 300 times for some orders. Even at the bar, people will often order 10 or more of a shot, so a quantity button would save time there too. It would be nice if under "Misc" or somewhere, there was a quantity button to repeat an item more than once. Or maybe even a long press of the "Repeat Item" button could produce a pop-up keypad to enter a quantity. "Enter SKU" is rarely used by us, so another option would be to move that under the "Misc" menu, and replace it with a quantity button.

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    jojo1378787 Guest
    I just noticed there is a "change quantity button" under "Misc". Woo hoo! Gotta love new time saving features!

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